About 101:

Princeton High School Graduation

101: is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to helping Princeton High School graduates in need of financial assistance for college.

Founded by a school secretary in 1970 and operating as the Princeton Regional Scholarship Foundation (“PRSF”) until 2008, when our current logo and name were adopted, 101: has provided in excess of $1 million in aid to PHS seniors over the last four decades.

Our scholarships are entirely need-based, and are aimed at reducing the gap between the skyrocketing cost of attending college and students’ resources from family savings and financial aid packages.

Throughout the school year, money is raised via a direct mail campaign and a number of local events which fund our annual awards. These are given out each June to qualifying students who have applied in the spring through the PHS Guidance Office.

Our recipients come from a wide range of backgrounds and, this past year, moved on to pursue higher education at institutions such as Bowdoin, Rutgers, School of the Visual Arts (N.Y.), Tulane, University of New Mexico, and Mercer County Community College.

101: is unique to Princeton, offering opportunities to our high school students that no other organization provides. We truly believe that charity begins at home, and urge our neighbors to “give local” by helping PHS students who want to pursue their studies following graduation, but do not always have the financial resources needed to take that next step toward attaining a college degree.

From our annual Student Auxiliary Talent Show to bake sales, 101: is always seeking new ways to support the young people we fund.  We know that the greatest gift we can give the world is that of our educated children, and have seen what a huge difference this can make in the lives of our awardees, their families, and our entire community.

Contributing to 101: enables each of us to assist the next generation of doctors, teachers, artists and entrepreneurs, who will shape the future with their imagination, knowledge, curiosity and perseverance.