Apply or Renew

Applications are now available for 2019.  Students can pick them up from the PHS guidance office. The deadline is April 8, 2019.

2018 PHS graduates who missed the deadline last year can apply in this round. This is their last chance to make a first application to 101:.

How to apply for and renew 101: scholarships


101: scholarships are based solely on need and are calculated according to standard financial aid assessment formulas, with the assistance of Princeton University.


To apply, students can simply go to the PHS Guidance Office and ask about the 101: scholarship program. They will be given information about our deadlines (initial applications are generally due in late March/early April of the student’s senior year) and required forms, which can be obtained at the Guidance Office or from this website.

Each applicant is required to submit:

  1. a 2019 101 application  in Word or PDF),
  2. 2019 101 Confidential Financial Statement (form instructions can be found by clicking on this link),
  3. and a copy of this year’s federal tax return filed by the applicant or applicant’s family.

Once these materials are received (mailed to 101: or turned in by the student to the PHS Guidance Department), a brief interview will be scheduled with the scholarship candidate. If mailing to 101:, all materials should be sent to
101:, c/o Princeton High School
151 Moore St
Princeton, NJ 08540.

Guidance counselors often recommend 101: to eligible students, and can direct them to us if they would like additional information. Students receiving awards are notified in May, and are asked to attend an informal Awards Ceremony with family members in early June.


late MARCH early APRIL – application forms filled out and submitted to PHS Guidance Office. The 2019 deadline is April 8.
APRIL/May – applicants will be interviewed
MAY – awardees will be notified
JUNE – amount of awards will be finalized
JUNE – attend informal Awards Ceremony


All students seeking to renew their scholarships for their second, third, or fourth year of college are required to submit by July 1st of each year:

  1. a 101 Renewal form,
  2. a copy of the financial aid letter from your school (if you receive aid),
  3.  a copy of the transcript of their grades,
  4. a copy of the bill, if attending Mercer County Community College.

Students can renew online or through the mail.

Students who want to send their renewal by mail can send all of items listed above to:
101:, c/o Princeton High School
151 Moore St
Princeton, NJ 08540