Our Stories

101 helped me reach my graduation day, something I was determined to do, no matter the obstacles that stood in my way.  101: not only provided me with an opportunity to enroll in school, but they afforded me the opportunity to COMPLETE my college education, which many people are unable to successfully complete.

101 means to me an opportunity to achieve a goal I set for myself. It means creating a future that was once a dream.

Thank you so much for believing in and supporting the future of this generation and for believing that education is the key to a successful future.

T.C., PHS Class of 2009

101 Fund has given me the opportunity to achieve my dreams of going to college. I am the first person in my family to attend a four year school and because of the 101 Fund I am able to achieve my goal of becoming a teacher.

101 has given me the ability to achieve my goals.

I would like to thank the donors of the 101 Fund for their generosity and willingness to give so that I am able to live out my dreams.

M.C., PHS Class 2015

Everyone has a dream, I’m living mine. Thanks to the support from 101, I am now the first in my family to attend college. I plan to receive my Bachelors of science in International business with a minor in International Marketing.

B.D., PHS Class 2015 

I appreciate everything you all have done for me,  for the support and help all of you have given me I appreciate it with all my heart. The help you have and are giving me motivates me to work even harder for my studies as I will be the first child in my family to get a college degree. I would like to make my family proud but no only them but you all as well. I thank you so much for this scholarship . Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

S.S., PHS Class 2014

My 101 experience has been really good. It’s a good program to be in, because college can be very stressful especially in the beginning. The 101 program helped me make that transition less stressful by answering questions I’ve had and giving me a guiding hand. They also gave me the opportunity to work towards my degree, and for that I’m thankful.

K.M., PHS Class 2014

What  am I doing at The Ohio State University? What am I doing out of Mercer County? I’d like to believe that just my ambition, drive and hustle alone is the reason I am here. That may be part of such, but not entirely. School does cost money. A lot of money. None of this could/would be possible without the generous contribution made by the 101 Foundation. Studying at one of the nations’ top-50 institutions has been one of the most humbling and enlightening experiences I have been and probably will be apart of in my life; and without 101, none of this, would be possible. Thank you

T.P., PHS Class 2010

101 is not just a fund, but a community of people who recognize the potential of my voice. They have not only provided for my needs, but have joined me on my journey through my education in Music Performance and Education. I feel incredibly thankful that I have the support of members of the community at home, and I hope one day that I can support students who are following their passions in higher education. 101 will always be my little reminder that my home is always rooting for me.

O.R., PHS Class 2013

The 101 fund has not only helped me financially attend college, but it has allowed me to experience all the opportunities that otherwise would not have been possible. I am so grateful to all who have helped me have a wonderful college experience and have helped my family and I with the financial burden of paying for college. Thank you to all!

M.U., PHS Class 2013

101 to me means having a dream come true. It’s the support I needed in order to know how college life would be. It has opened doors for me to be able to take classes I could not do on my own. The 101 scholarship has helped me in many ways. I am able to obtain help financially and have someone help guide me through the transition into college.

Thank you 101!

D.V., PHS Class 2014

Fund 101 has helped me a lot because I’m a young mom & going to school is very important for me & my daughter’s future.  With the scholarship that Fund 101 has granted me I’m on my way to reaching my goal.

H.G., PHS Class 2014

Thank you for being along my side during my road to success and for helping me accomplish what no other male in my family has accomplished – a college degree.  Because of the 101: program, I have achieved one of my many goals, and words cannot describe how thankful I am.  I thank you guys for believing in me because there were times on this road when I did not believe in me.  Gratitude will always be in my heart for our support.

B.G., PHS Class of 2013

101: Has meant the world to my family.  It has helped us tremendously with finances.  The rewards from the fund gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing for my family and for myself for the future.

Thank you for all that you provide for us to hel pwith our futures.  Thank you for the comfort that you provide for our families who otherwise would find it tough to afford college.  It is truly a luxury and we are all very grateful to you.

A.L., PHS Class 2013

I’d like to give a “thank you” to the people who are part of 101: and to the people who have supported the fund. You are all good people, friends of mine. Without your help, paying for college would be very difficult.101: means more opportunities to succeed and friends supporting students who are striving to change the world for the better.

S.G., PHS Class 2016