MCCC Information

Information about Mercer County Community College

Here are some general information to help you prepare for your studies at Mercer County Community College (MCCC) and some tips from students attending it. Visit MCCC’s website for additional information.

Important contacts/advisors from MCCC:

Things you should do for or know about your MCCC 101: scholarship

  1. You must apply for Financial Aid at MCCC.
  2. If you decide to drop a class, you must inform both MCCC and 101: within MCCC’s drop deadline. Otherwise you will be charged for the class and the cost of the class will be deducted from your 101: scholarship. Make sure to check MCCC’s deadline for dropping classes to receive course refund – the deadline depends on the length of the class and it is from the start of the term not the start of class start date!
  3. Every fall you must renew your scholarship. Visit the application renewal webpage for more information.
  4. 101: scholarship does not have a minimum number of classes requirement. Take the number of classes that best fit your schedule. However, make sure that your other scholarships do not have a required minimum number of classes.
  5. 101: gets billed for a term after that term starts. If you have problems registering, please, let your mentor and your 101: contact know.

 Things you should know/do to start well (from MCCC advisors)

  1. Sign up for MyMercerPortal
    It provides secure sign-on for the following student needs: browse courses, register for classes, change classes, pay online, access Mercer mail, view schedules, access your grades, get financial aid information. Check both the Financial Aid and the Communications tabs.
  2. Sign up for SOAR to register for Orientation, an interactive workshop. Email for information or to change your date if your schedule changes.
  3. If driving, get the Parking Permit (need your Student ID). If taking the bus, get 25% discount passes at Student Store.
  4. Take the placement test, Accuplacer, at MCCC.
  5. If you did not place into 100 level courses for Math or English and have to take non-credit remedial classes, you can take a free two-week Math Summer Bridge course and then retake the placement test for free! Email Ms. Maureen Keenan, for more information.
    If you just missed the English 101 placement cut-off, consider the English 101 Decision Zone course which gives extra help and full English credit when you pass the Placement Test. Email Dr. Amy Vondrak, for more information.
    There is more information on preparing for the placement test below. Read on!
  6. All freshman should meet with their assigned first-year coach for support. Dr. Amy Vondrak is the first-year coach for 101: students. Once you know your major, you should also schedule a meeting with your academic advisor to plan an academic path to reach your goal. The name of your academic advisor can be found on your account online at MyMercerPortal. If you cannot find who your academic advisor is, reach out at Note: if you change majors, your academic advisor will very likely change.
  7. Take advantage of the Academic Support Center, tutors are available to help answer your questions.
  8. If you have an IEP or a 504 plan, register with the Office of Special Services so you can get accommodations (such as extended time to take exams). If you have questions about the process, contact Ms. Arlene Stinson at or 609-570-3525.
  9. Log into your MCCC account before the term starts to verify that you are signed up for the correct classes.

Placement Test Preparation

The placement test, Accuplacer, is required and administered by MCCC to determine if you need remedial classes before taking some college level courses. It is very important to prepare for this test as it will affect the pace and the length of your education. If the test determines you need remedial classes, you need to take and pass them to be able to take the required college level math and English courses. At MCCC, Accuplacer is more important than the SAT. The following resources are available to help you prepare:

  1. Take sample tests at MCCC’s website
  2. Sign up for the 2 week math summer bridge program to brush up on math skills before (re)taking the placement test
  3. Take some free online courses to brush up your skills. For example, Bossier Parish offers Open Campus which can be good for Accuplacer prep.
  4. Google Accuplacer Prep you find lots of websites with support resources.

Classes that may help you adjust to college

The following 1-credit 5 week courses are helpful to transition into college life:

These courses are shorter than the regular 3-credit courses so you can take one course following the other in the same term.

For ESL students, it may be helpful to look at ESL credit courses.

Lower cost alternatives to buying books

  • study at the MCCC library – it has every book for every class
  • study at the MCCC learning center – they might have the book you need and sometimes they might lend it
  • rent books: MCCC bookstore
  • buy used books: MCCC bookstore, chegg, half, amazon.

Tips from a current MCCC 101: student

  • make sure to ask professors how much homework amount there will probably be
  • find out what help is available to students
  • know what people to go to for help
  • remember that college is more responsibility – most things you do on your own
  • stay on top of dates for, events, homework, projects (if you’re having trouble, ask your mentor to help you)
  • be sure to ask questions if you have them – you have a right to understand what’s going on in class and other people probably have the same questions but are afraid to ask.
  • Have fun! There are a ton of student activities and events including free yoga and Zumba, open mic nights, clubs, and student government!

Public transportation between Princeton and MCCC

A free shuttle will be available Fall 2015 to MCCC students and staff from Quaker Bridge Mall to West Windsor Campus. To get to Quaker Bridge Mall, you can take the 605 bus. Please, make sure to read the information about the free shuttle to learn about its schedule and rules such as the need to present the student ID and that guests are not allowed.

For other options to get to MCCC from Princeton, click here on
Change the departure location to the best location for you.

To return to Princeton from MCCC, click here on again and change the locations that best suit you.

You can also go to the website of NJ Transit to get the schedule of the buses and alternate ways to travel. Go to the TRIP PLANNER section, fill out the Travel From (for example, Palmer Square, Princeton) and Travel To fields (for example, Mercer County Community College), check Depart at, choose the date and times, and then click Submit. Then look at the itineraries.

One of the options is to take the following two buses:
1. Bus 606 towards Mercerville from Palmer Square (and other places  in Princeton), get off on W State St at Calhoun St in Trenton (~40 mins)
2. and then Bus 619 towards Mercer County Community College (~35 mins)

Another option is to take:
1. Bus 605 to Quaker Bridge Mall (~30 mins)
2. then take Bus 609 to Ewing, get off at Youngs Rd (~10 mins)
3. then walk 30 mins to MCCC

Note: Allow for a minimum of  30 minutes for the wait time between buses and some time for walking, so you are not late for class.

Don’t forget to get 25% discount passes at Student Store.

How is College Different from High School?

This web page outlines the differences between high school and college so you know a little bit more about what to expect.

Transfer to another college in New Jersey

If you plan to continue your studies at a 4-year college in New Jersey, check out NJ Transfer to check if the courses you are taking will transfer. Visit MCCC’s transfer page to get more information about transfers.