101: Scholarship Terms

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You can first apply to 101: as a PHS senior or within one year of graduation from PHS

If you are unsure about starting college right after you graduate from Princeton High School, you don’t have to apply when you’re a senior.  You have one year from the time of your graduation to apply to 101.

Applications are reviewed only in the spring; if you don’t apply when you are a PHS senior, you have to follow the application deadlines in the spring after your graduation (find the application deadlines at http://fund101.org/how-to-apply/.  Applications received after the deadline will not be reviewed.

Special rules if you attend Mercer County College the fall after your PHS graduation

If you plan to attend Mercer, you must do the following prior to the last day of your senior year at PHS:

–   Take your placement tests (check with the guidance office for the date in the spring when PHS takes students to MCCC by bus for these tests or go on your own)

–   Meet with the PHS-Mercer Success Advisor

–   Register for at least one course for the Fall semester & submit a copy of your Mercer fall schedule to the 101: Mercer liaison

If you don’t complete all of these steps, you will not be eligible to use your 101: funds for the fall semester.  If you complete them by December 1st, you may be able to use them for the spring semester.

Payments go directly to your school

101: sends your scholarship payment directly to your school at the address you provide on our form.

You must renew your scholarship each year

You must renew your scholarship every year by July 1st.  You can find the renewal form at http://fund101.org/how-to-apply/.  If you submit your renewal late, payment to your school may be delayed

Steps in renewal process

1.   Complete a renewal form (on the 101: website at http://fund101.org/how-to-apply/)

2.   Provide a copy of your grades for the academic year that just ended (this can be a computer printout or screenshot, as long as your name is visible in the shot– it does not have to be an official transcript)

3.   Complete a new FAFSA and submit a copy of your student aid report with your renewal

If you submit incomplete information, 101: won’t send payment to your school until you submit whatever is missing.

Summer school classes

Be aware that summer classes tend to cover a lot of information very quickly, meaning that you should plan to be at every class and have a lot of time to do work during the weeks the class is held.

You may ask for funds for a summer school class, but remember that this will use up your 101: scholarship faster, since your other aid is unlikely to cover any part of it.

Let your 101: liaison know in April that you want to take a summer class.

Dropping/withdrawing from a class

Mercer students – 101: gets billed for each class you take.  Classes usually have to be dropped in the first week of the semester (the add/drop deadline).  If you’re dropping a class & aren’t taking another one in its place, you must drop the class by the add/drop deadline in order to get a refund.  If you drop it after that (or withdraw from the class later), the money 101: spent will come out of your 101: total, even if you aren’t going to the class anymore.

Students attending other schools –keep the add/drop deadline on your calendar.  Though the cost is probably the same no matter how many classes you take, classes you don’t drop will probably appear on your transcript.

Length of time to use your 101: funds

You have 1 year to contact your 101: liaison to a) activate your scholarship by asking for a tuition payment or b) tell us you want to put a hold on your funds.  If you don’t contact your 101: liaison by July 1st of the year after you graduate from PHS, 101: will close your scholarship.  (If you apply a year after your PHS graduation, you must make this contact by July 1st of the year following your approval for 101: funds.)

Your funds will be held for 6 years from the time of your graduation from PHS (if you don’t use up the total amount granted before then).

Placing scholarships on hold

If you need/want to take time off from school, you must contact your 101: liaison directly to say when your break starts and how long you expect to be out of school.  101: will hold your funds for 6 years after you graduate from PHS, which includes any time you take for breaks.  You may take more than one break as long as you notify your liaison, but your funds will still be held for only 6 years from your graduation date from PHS.

Getting a refund if you change or leave school after your scholarship is paid

If you take time off or transfer from one school to another after 101 has made a tuition payment for that semester, it is your job to have your school send a refund to 101: at 151 Moore Street, Princeton, NJ,  08540.  If we don’t receive the refund, that money will be deducted from your scholarship total.

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for maintaining a 2.0 grade point average and for meeting attendance requirements.  If your GPA falls below 2.0, or if you don’t go to classes, your 101: scholarship may be subject to review.

Credits needed to get your funds

101: does not require you to take a certain number of credits each semester in order to keep your scholarship, although if you attend a four-year school, your school may have its own requirement.

If you attend Mercer County Community College, 101: suggests you take at least two classes each semester but do not take more than you can handle, especially if you work.

Re-applying to 101: after initial finding of no eligibility or after change in circumstances

 If you:

a) were not found eligible for 101: funding as a PHS senior;

b) did get a 101: scholarship but your financial situation changes drastically;

you may complete a new application only within the year after you graduate from PHS, but you must meet the 101: application deadline for that next year.  Applications will not be accepted after the deadline. The eligibility decision is unlikely to be different unless your financial situation has changed greatly.

Contact information updates required to maintain 101: scholarship

You are responsible for providing 101: with updated contact information by completing a renewal form every year, and for letting your 101: liaison know if it changes between renewal times.  If 101: can’t reach you because you have not provided updated contact information, 101: will terminate your scholarship.

Failure to renew

If you do not renew by the deadline OR contact your liaison to pause your scholarship by July 1s t each year, 101 will close your scholarship.